Non-Transferable Registration Numbers

Some registration numbers are not transferable and therefore cannot be sold:

Q Plates

Registration numbers containing the letter 'Q' are non-transferable. Nothing can be transferred onto a vehicle once a Q plate has been assigned. Q plates are issued to vehicles normally if the age of the vehicle cannot be determined (e.g. some Kit-cars and some imported vehicles).

How to find out if you have a non-transferable registration

Sometimes registration numbers are non-transferable, and cannot be sold or transferred to other vehicles. To check to see if your registration is non-transferable you will need to look at your V5C Registration Document in the 'SPECIAL NOTES' section.

Northern Irish Plates

Registration numbers CAN be transferred from vehicles in Northern Ireland to vehicles in mainland Britain, and vice versa, however CANNOT be transferred to / from Jersey, Guernsey, Alderney or the Isle of Man.

Diplomatic and GB Trade

Diplomatic plates and GB Trade Plates are also non transferable

For clarity, Elite Registrations will only advertise and sell British and Northern Irish registration numbers that can go onto vehicles registered in Britain or Northern Ireland.

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