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Selling Your Registration to Us

Explanatory Notes

Elite Registrations offer the option to sell registration numbers on a commission basis, or may (at their discretion) make an offer to purchase the registration number directly into their own stock. These terms relate solely to our offers to purchase registration numbers into stock.

Hereafter, an offer to purchase a registration number directly into stock will be referred to as an Outright Offer.


The Offer to Purchase

Any Outright Offer to purchase a registration number made by Elite Registrations , are subject to these terms.

Where an Outright Offer has been made and is conditional to the purchase of another registration number (usually referred to as a Part-Exchange Agreement), the transactions will be dealt with as separate transactions and each will be subject to the relevant terms of business.

Where Elite Registrations makes an Outright Offer to purchase a registration number into stock, that offer will be subject to an expiry date. After the expiry date, Elite Registrations reserves the right to review its offer or not purchase that registration number.

Outright Offers to purchase are made in good faith, errors and omissions excepted.

All Outright Offers include the £80 transfer/assignment fee unless otherwise stated and are subject to the terms and conditions stated herein.

Elite Registrations cannot be held responsible for any loss of documents howsoever arising, nor can be held liable for any costs associated with applying for replacement / duplicate documents.

Registrations held on a vehicle

Where a registration number is held on vehicle, the seller undertakes to supply Elite Registrations with all required documentation. We will transfer the registration number from the vehicle onto a Retention Document (with Elite Registrations registered as the Grantee). We will pay the £80 transfer fee, and this fee will be deducted from the amount paid to the seller.

In the event that the Department for Transport require the donor vehicle to be inspected for a vehicle identity check, this will be at the seller's expense. If an inspection is called for, the Local VOSA centre will contact the registered keeper directly.

Registrations held on a Retention Document / Certificate of Entitlement

Where the registration number is already held on a valid and current Retention Document or Certificate of Entitlement, the seller will receive the full offer amount (which includes the £80 fee) assuming the document or certificate shows that the 'assignment fee has already been paid'.

Inclusion of the £80 fee is conditional that the Grantee/Purchaser (shown on the certificate) agrees to complete and sign all paperwork supplied by Elite Registrations to permit them to take control of the entitlement of the registration number. Where it is not possible for the paperwork to be completed (for example, where the Grantee/Purchaser is no longer resident within the UK), Elite Registrations may request that the registration is instead assigned to a vehicle. In such cases, the process described above for Registrations held on a vehicle should be followed.


Payment is made by Sterling cheque to the seller of the registration number upon successful completion of the paperwork by the Department for Transport. The seller is the person (or company) named on the offer acceptance form.

The Outright Offer amount does not include VAT. Where the seller of the registration number is VAT registered, they may submit to Elite Registrations a VAT invoice before completion of the transfer for the offer amount plus VAT. Where the amount to be paid includes the £80 Department for Transport transfer/assignment fee, it should be noted that this element is not subject to VAT.

Cancellation of Agreement

Where the seller of the registration number fails to proceed at any stage of the process or requests to withdraw from the sale of their registration number, Elite Registrations reserves the right to charge a reasonable administration fee to cover their expenses.

Elite Registrations reserves the right to withdraw their offer to purchase for any reason, including, but not limited to, where ownership rights cannot be established, or computer / clerical error.

In the event of the Department for Transport rejecting the transfer of a registration number (for whatever reason), Elite Registrations will not be liable for any costs or losses howsoever arising and no payment will be made for the registration number.

Selling Your Registration Through Us

The person or persons selling the registration mark (the donor) permits Elite Registrations to advertise (in various publications at its discretion) and subsequently sell (upon finding a buyer) the transfer right of the registration number to the purchaser. The price payable to the donor shall be as agreed in writing.

The registration number must be of the type eligible to take part in the Cherished Transfer Scheme, as laid down by the Department for Transport.

The donor shall not be responsible for the Department for Transport transfer fee (currently £80), although the donor will have to supply and fit a set of replacement number plates to the donor vehicle after transfer approval by DVLA.

Once a buyer has been found, Elite Registrations shall pair the donor documentation with the recipient vehicle documentation and shall be responsible for placing the transfer application with the DfT. However, no responsibility can be accepted for losses howsoever caused or for any delays caused through the buyer delaying the forwarding of his/her documents or for the inability of the buyer to conclude the transaction. Elite Registrations undertake to conduct every transaction as quickly and efficiently as possible under normal circumstances. Note: a buyer shall only be deemed to have been found once payment has been received by Elite Registrations from that buyer.

The donor undertakes to notify Elite Registrations in writing, (before a buyer is found), if he/she wants to withdraw the registration from advertising. Note: once the donor is no longer the owner of the donor vehicle or if it is destroyed or stolen, then the registration shall be deemed not to be available and must be withdrawn immediately. It is not fair to the buyer or to Elite Registrations to go through all the procedures of sale, only to be told subsequently that the registration is no longer available.

Once the application for transfer has been accepted by DVLA, they (the DfT) may request the donor vehicle is taken for inspection (normally just to check that the chassis number is correct). It is the responsibility of the donor client to fulfil this obligation if requested to do so. If an inspection is called for, the Local VOSA centre will contact the donor client directly.

To enable the transfer application to be placed with the DVLA, Elite Registrations shall request the donor client to forward his/her documents as required. Although it should be noted that the forwarding of such documents does not affect the donor client's ability to continue using the vehicle on the public highway (assuming it is roadworthy, road-legal etc) and the ownership rights of the vehicle are not affected in any way whatsoever.

The payment as agreed, shall be payable to the donor client by cheque, immediately upon approval of the transfer by DVLA, Swansea.

No specific time period can be guaranteed for a buyer to be found or for the Department for Transport to conduct the transfer, as such circumstances are beyond the control of Elite Registrations . Neither can any responsibility be accepted for any changes to the Department for Transport transfer rules.

Elite Registrations may, at its absolute discretion, cease advertising/marketing any registration and in such event will advise the donor client by post or email.


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