Buyer's Terms & Conditions

  1. You are entering into an agreement to purchase an entitlement to display a unique registration number on your motor vehicle.
  2. The sale is subject to our acceptance of your agreement to purchase from us and these terms and conditions.
  3. Most registrations are subject to VAT and the £80 Dept for Transport transfer fee.
  4. The full sum is payable at the point of purchase.
  5. An alternative to buying online is to make telephone contact with the office (01380 818181). Payments are accepted by credit/debit card, bank transfer, cheque or postal order. We do NOT accept cash payments.
  6. The registration can be transferred to any vehicle, registered in the UK, that is of a testable type (for example; to a car, motorcycle, coach, lorry or a van). However, you cannot make a vehicle look newer than it really is by transferring a registration number to it. So, for example, you cannot transfer XX15 ABC to a vehicle that may perhaps currently have a registration such as HJ10 XYZ originally registered to it, because you would be trying to make a 2010 registered vehicle look five years newer, with a '15' registration number. However, you could transfer J27 JPR to either of the above vehicles registered in the years shown, because J27 JPR is from a much older format of registration mark.
  7. We handle the entire transfer administration procedure on your behalf. The price of the registration includes this service.
  8. If you have purchased a registration from our own stock, you can choose to apply to have it transferred immediately to your current vehicle (as long as it is taxed) and once we have successfully completed the transfer with DVLA, this will conclude your agreement (the transaction) to purchase from us.
  9. If you do not have a vehicle available for transfer immediately and you have purchased one of our stock registrations, you can choose to 'store' it, for use at a future date (within three years), at no extra cost. We will register you as 'nominee' with DVLA and then send you a 'certificate of purchase' which you simply return to us with your relevant vehicle documents to enable the transfer to be completed at DVLA. The issuing of the 'certificate of purchase' will be deemed to be conclusion of your agreement (the transaction) to purchase from us.
  10. We accept no responsibility for any delay or failure caused by us, the Dept. for Transport or for any failure caused by a third party, for example, where you have purchased a registration we are selling on behalf of a client or any other party, (as, in such cases, we rely on this party to fulfil their agreement to sell and transfer).
  11. The buyer agrees to be bound by the Dept. for Transport rules as specified from time to time. Elite Registrations undertakes to submit all transfer applications in accordance with these rules but cannot be held responsible for errors or omissions by its own staff or the Dept. for Transport.
  12. The agreement shall be deemed to have arisen and completed at Elite Registrations' premises in England.
  13. In the event of failure of the transaction, the payment(s) made to Elite Registrations will be refunded, provided the failure is through no fault of the buyer. Elite Registrations accepts no responsibility for any losses or disappointment, howsoever arisen, in the event of failure, other than that specified.
  14. Consumer Legislation gives you, the buyer, the right to cancel any agreement (contract) you agree with us within 14 days of inception. When you enter into an agreement with us, you agree that you are instructing us to begin work for you immediately. Once work has begun, your right to cancel will be affected, and should you later decide to cancel within the cancellation period, you will be liable to Elite Registrations for costs already incurred for that work. Such costs will be determined in each individual case, in accordance with the contract and the amount of work already done at the point of cancellation. A guide for those costs would be in the region of 20% of the total agreement price with a maximum charge of £200 plus VAT.
  15. In the event that our service to you is fully performed within the 14 days period (see 14) your right to cancel is lost completely and you will be liable for the full costs.
  16. If you do not understand the position regarding cancellation, you should make contact with Elite Registrations, in writing, for clarification before agreeing to contract with Elite Registrations.
  17. If you decide, for whatever reason, that you wish to sell your new registration number, you can opt to receive six months free advertising, provided instructions are received within three months of the purchase date. Elite Registrations reserves the right to specify how much the registration number can be advertised for.
  18. Supply and Display of Registration Number Plates
    1. Number plates for the registration being purchased should not be displayed on the recipient vehicle until such time that you are notified of successful completion of the transfer.
    2. You must not mis-space or misrepresent a registration number on a vehicle (DfT rules state that you risk losing the entitlement to the registration, as well as facing the possibility of prosecution).
    3. The supply of acrylic plates is not included in the purchase price. Elite Registrations are DVLA Registered Number Plate Suppliers (reg'n no. 553) and offer the option to supply acrylic plates conforming to legislation. You are under no obligation to purchase the acrylic plates through Elite Registrations.
  19. 01/18
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