Conditions of Transfer

Registration numbers can be held on vehicles or on 'holding' certificates known as Retention Documents or Certificates of Entitlement, but not all vehicles are permitted to take part in the cherished transfer scheme.

This means that although a vehicle may have a registration number, it may not be allowed to transfer it to another vehicle and may not be allowed to receive a new registration.

In order for a vehicle to take part in the 'Cherished Transfer Scheme', the vehicle must comply with certain Department for Transport rules.

Participating vehicles must be currently licensed, of a testable type, and be available for inspection. However, applications involving unlicensed donor vehicles will still be considered if the application to transfer the number is placed within FIVE years of the most recent TAX expiry date and provided there has been no change of keeper since the tax expired and SORN was declared. (Note: In order for a vehicle to qualify for the concession, there must be no break between the expiry date of the licence and the commencement of SORN. In circumstances where the vehicle has had a change of keeper, the vehicle will need to be re-taxed by the new keeper in order to qualify for transfer).

If the donor vehicle has neither tax or MOT, the donor would have to trailer the vehicle to their local DVSA INSPECTION CENTRE for inspection (if required).

Vehicles which (because of their age) are levy exempt (vehicle tax is free), must still be taxed and be renewed each year.

Vehicles which (because of their age) are MOT exempt (pre 1960), will be required by DVLA to undertake a voluntary MOT in order to qualify for transfer.

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