DVLA Inspections

From time to time, the Department for Transport will ask that a vehicle is inspected prior to the approval of a transfer to remove or a assign a registration number. These are rare, and there is no suggestion in advance which vehicles may be inspected. This is more common for donor vehicles (the vehicle from which the registration number is being removed).

The Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA) have the right to inspect any vehicle for the purpose of identifying it and ensuring that the details held on DVLA's records are accurate.

If called for an inspection, it is your responsibility to arrange for your vehicle to be taken for the inspection. The inspection consists of both a visual inspection of the vehicle and an inspection of the vehicle record and the accompanying documentation.

If the vehicle does not have current MOT and TAX, then it cannot be driven on the public highway and would have to be trailered (with all four wheels off the ground). This would be at your own expense.

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