How We Value A Registration

There is no scientific formula to valuing a registration. However, with Over 50 Years of buying and selling experience, as you would expect, we do understand pricing strategies more than most. We have to keep our stock turning over, otherwise we go out of business. This means that we rely on experience, logic and the business principle of supply and demand.

Logic dictates that J57 DJH is likely to be worth far more than J57 XHU because there are far more people with the initials DJH than the extremely unpopular set of initials XHU.

Using our experience, we establish how much we believe that we should pay for a registration and then once purchased into stock, we set an asking price. Most of our registrations sell reasonably quickly because they are priced realistically. This keeps our stock turning over.

It should be stressed that our offers to purchase outright are totally genuine. We don't agree a price and then string you along for payment whilst we try to find a buyer. These transactions are immediate and payment is made to you as soon as the transfer to our stock has been approved by the Dept for Transport. Please note that our offers to purchase outright are at a trade value, not a retail value.

Note: where we are not interested in buying your registration on an outright basis, we may give you the opportunity to consider selling through us on a commission basis.

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