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Welcome to our Seller's Frequently Asked Questions. Click on a question below to show the answer. If you have a question about buying a registration please view our FAQ for registration number buyers.

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My Registration is on a Certificate

What happens if my registration is NOT on a vehicle, but is held on a DVLA Retention Document or Certificate of Entitlement?

This poses no problem for us and indeed, you will probably have already paid the £80 Dept. for Transport assignment/transfer fee, which we will effectively buy from you as well as pay you for the registration number.

My Registration is on a Vehicle

Does my vehicle need to be taxed at the time of transfer?

Under normal circumstances the vehicle must be taxed at the time of transfer and if so, the procedure is normally simple and straightforward.

Even where the vehicle is not currently taxed, applications are still considered by DVLA if placed within FIVE years of the most recent TAX expiry date and provided there has been no change of keeper since the tax expired and SORN was declared.

(Note: In order for a vehicle to qualify for the 5 year concession, there must be no break between the expiry date of the tax and the commencement of SORN. In circumstances where the vehicle has had a change of keeper, the vehicle will need to be re-taxed by the new keeper in order to qualify for transfer).

Can I sell, export or scrap my car?

Not yet! Once you sell, scrap or export a vehicle, you lose the right to transfer your registration number.

What if I have a V5C Registration Certificate but it is not yet registered in my own name and address?

In order to transfer the registration number, you will need to tax the vehicle, which you can do online, by phone or at a Post Office using the V5C/2 form. Once you have retaxed your vehicle, you should receive a new V5C Registration Certificate in the post in your name. If the transfer of the registration number is imminent, and you have already taxed, send the V5C/2 form to us along with completed DVLA form V62 (obtainable online or from a Post Office).

If my vehicle has been stolen, can I sell my registration number?

Yes. Once the theft has been reported to both the Police and DVLA for twelve months or more, DVLA will normally permit a transfer assuming the vehicle has not been recovered. Write to Personalised Registrations, DVLA, Swansea, SA99 1DS to obtain their written consent. Send their written confirmation letter to us along with written confirmation from your insurance company that they have no objection to the registration number being transferred, along with the form accepting our offer.

Can I use my vehicle on the road whilst the transfer is being processed?

Yes you can, provided it is road-legal, MOT’d, Taxed and insured.

Do the DVLA always insist that the donor vehicle is taken for inspection?

No, however, you must be prepared to take the vehicle to your local DVSA centre if they request you to. You personally do not need to be present at the inspection, anyone can take the vehicle on your behalf.

What does the inspection consist of?

The chassis number on the vehicle is checked to ensure that it corresponds with that on the V5C Registration Certificate. If this number is completely different, the transfer may be rejected by the DVLA. The vehicle does not need to be roadworthy, but it does need to be basically complete. A collection of spares would not be acceptable. Please check your chassis number now. If your vehicle is not roadworthy or road legal, you will need to take it on a trailer for inspection.

How quickly will the DVLA issue my replacement registration number for my vehicle after the transfer has been completed and what type of registration will it be?

The replacement is issued immediately and it will be a registration that is relevant to the year of manufacture of your vehicle. If the vehicle is OLDER than 1963, the replacement mark will be from a series that does NOT have a year letter. Vehicles registered on or after 1st January 1963 will be allocated an age identifier relevant to the date of manufacture of the vehicle. For example if you are transferring T38 ROY from a 1999 car, the replacement mark will have a T prefix and it may be something like T329 XHR.

Where do I get a new set of number plates from?

Your vehicle will be issued with a replacement registration number which is relevant to the age of the vehicle. If you need us to supply you with replacement plates to attach to the vehicle, we are able to supply plates suitable for most vehicles. A standard pair of acrylic plates can be supplied by us for £25 including P&P.

What happens to the old set of number plates after transfer?

These must be removed from your vehicle and disposed of.

What happens if I need to tax my vehicle whilst the transfer is going through and I am not in possession of the necessary papers?

If DVLA have sent you a V11 tax reminder form through the post, you can apply for tax online or by telephone. If you do not have a V11 tax reminder form, please telephone Elite Registrations on 01380 811465.

Other Questions

Do you consider part exchange?

Yes. Please contact us for more information.

Does the registration need to be EXACTLY as you have stated?

Believe it or not, some people are under an illusion that "almost correct" will do. For example: if the registration number we have quoted states 658 ABC, yet the registration number on your vehicle is V658 ABC, that year letter makes ALL the difference and the quotation will be completely different. THE REGISTRATION NUMBER WE QUOTE ON, MUST BE EXACTLY CORRECT.

Who takes care of all the paperwork for the transfer?

Our expert team handle this complicated work for you in conjunction with the DVLA. You send us your vehicle’s Registration Certificate V5C (or Retention Document), but only at the time we request it.

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